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Holly Schlott


Wolfgang Fielder (Musician / Mastering)

I had not expected otherwise that the tracks on this album are excellently composed / arranged and recorded. I had already mastered some of Volker’s productions of recent years and admired again and again, how he gets along with lots of skill and fantasy playbacks without the participation of other musicians, the sound of live-playing occupations.

Especially new to me was the C-Melody with its warm register somewhere between alto and tenor sax. His saxophone playing becomes even more distinctive than it has always been. The instrument is also made for his melancholy side, which he lives out in his tunes again and again. At the latest in "2 Souls in Harmony" he played with it again deep under my skin. The album also contains a lot of the spirits in the other tracks, which connect us since our first encounter in 1977 and which have brought us together again and again in the years after our joint projects.

This has additionally inspired my work and made it a very personal matter.

Annemarie Pütz-Huesmann (music lover)

2 Spirits - an identity
A moving, inimitably sensitive and delicately composed autobiography of an exceptional musician and very special person. A roller coaster ride of conflicting, but also reconciling feelings, which inevitably, almost magically, captivates and emotionally touches deeply. It is the most intimate and probably most beautiful work by Volker / Holly Schlott and a gem of musical narrative art.
2 Spirits - a present? Yes!